Term's and condition




1.1  All merchants shall return the Official Registration Form issued by GLOBAL MARKET eCOMMERCE SDN BHD under the management of GLOBAL MARKET eCOMMERCE SDN BHD with the signature of the relevant office holder together with the merchant company stamp, to the GMEC Secretariat.

1.2  A merchant will only be given confirmation and approval after GLOBAL MARKET eCOMMERCE receives full payment for the registration in GLOBAL MARKET eCOMMERCE.



2.1  Merchants may choose category options for products and services at GLOBAL MARKET eCOMMERCE after full payment has been made.  GLOBAL MARKET eCOMMERCE will provide advertisement space for merchants to make a choice.

2.2  The advertisement space is unlimited, but for each product or service, only 3 pictures are provided for.

2.3  Each uploaded product or service will go through a queue system.

2.4  Kindlyallow for a TWO (2) hour extension for approval from GLOBAL MARKET eCOMMERCE.

2.5  Confirmation of advertisement space will be given by the GMEC Secretariat via email within 1 day after the day of payment receipt.



3.1  GLOBAL MARKET eCOMMERCE has the right to change the advertisement space given to a merchant at any time if there is found to be congestion or certain situations, to change or close the offer and carry out any other structural changes considered appropriate.  The said changes are at GLOBAL MARKET eCOMMERCE’s discretion and the merchant shall not claim compensation caused by such changes.



4.1  The payment of fees for merchants shall be made within 7 days after the date of signing the application form.

4.2  GLOBAL MARKET eCOMMERCE SDN BHD has the right to reject a merchant’s application if payment is not done within the said period.

4.3  GLOBAL MARKET eCOMMERCE SDN BHD will pay the merchant for each transaction that has been paid in full by a buyer.

4.4  A merchant who is registered as an entrepreneur under GoHalal is responsible to pay taxes for each marketed product.

4.5  GLOBAL MARKET eCOMMERCE SDN BHD will perform an online fund transfer at the end of every month. The last date for calculation is on the 20th day of the month at 11.59 pm.  The calculation includes a 15% deduction from the sale proceeds for the payment process, Global Market eCommerce maintenance, advertising services and GST.

4.6  If a merchant wants products to be managed by Global Market eCommerce and uses our warehouse, we will impose an additional charge of 15% of the product price.  This means, a total of 30% including warehouse services, payment process, Global Market eCommerce maintenance, advertising services and GST.

4.7  The sales payment transaction will be performed on each 25th day of the month.

4.8  The last date for the last sale is at 11.59 pm every 20th day of the month.

4.9  All sales transactions after 12.00 midnight on the 21st day of the month will be made in the following month.



5.1  All cancellations shall be done in writing and will come into force from the date of receipt of the cancellation request.

5.2  If there is a cancellation from the merchant, the following conditions will be in force:

5.3  After signing the letter : Global Market eCommerce has the right to obtain/withhold 100% of the fees.

5.4  On the first (1st) day (after signing the contract) the advertisement is displayed at Global Market eCommerce : we have the right to fully obtain/withhold the merchant’s fees.



6.1  GLOBAL MARKET eCOMMERCE SDN BHD and all organisations as well as individuals working or connected with Global Market eCommerce are not responsible and will be indemnified by the merchant against any direct or indirect damage or loss including the delivery of damaged products or services.

6.2  Global Market eCommerce is not responsible if no transaction is made for products or services from the merchant.

6.3  Global Market eCommerce is not responsible if there is an error or mistake in the advertising promotion in our system.

6.4  Global Market eCommerce is not responsible for damage or loss of the merchant’s products or services whether for outgoing or incoming couriers.

6.5  Damage to a product or service incorrectly packaged is the merchant’s responsibility.  If a product or service fails to reach a buyer, the merchant is responsible to ensure that the product or service reaches the buyer.  The merchant is advised to obtain insurance to address this risk.



7.1  Merchants shall list products and services wished to be sold according to the category options provided.

7.2  Products and services provided shall obtain halal status from JAKIM (if the products and services are food and beverage based) and comply with the following conditions:

  • Not based on or containing any part of animals prohibited for Muslim people under Islamic laws, or animals slaughtered in ways not in accordance with Islamic requirements.
  • Not containing any ingredient included in the unclean category according to Islamic laws.
  • Not prepared, processed, or manufactured using equipmentor utensils not in accordance with Islamic laws.
  • In the preparation, processing and manufacturing stages, the product or service is not in contactor kept near or kept together with a product or service not in accordance with Islamic laws.
  • Food and Beverage Products : Food and beverage products refer to products manufactured to be eaten or drunk.
  • Consumer Goods : Consumer goods refer to non food or beverage based goods; such as cosmetics, clothing or equipment.
  • Food Premises : Food premises refer to buildings and places where food and beverage business is carried out.  This includes restaurants, cafetarias, food courts, commercial kitchens, bakeries, fast food restaurants, canteens, club/hotel restaurants, kiosks and also caterers.
  • Slaughter Centre : Slaughter centre refers to a place or premises for the slaughter of animals and/or processing.

7.3  Prices given to GoHalal are required to be consistent with prices sold in the market.

7.4  Price determination shall include 15% from advertisement services, maintenance, payment gateway fees and GST.

7.5  Each item marketed at GoHalal is required to have an expiry date of at least 6 months and above.  We will inform entrepreneurs 1 month before the product approaches its expiry date for return / restocking.

7.6  Partial Redemption : If a customer redeems a Voucher for less than its face value, the merchant will not be responsible for issuing credit or cash equivalent to the difference between the face value and amount redeemed, except if otherwise required by law.  However, the merchant is required to allow a buyer to redeem a Voucher in the cash amount paid by the buyer, as stated in Section 7.5 above.

7.7  Issuance and Delivery of Vouchers.  Vouchers shall be published at the website in accordance with conditions.  The last day for vouchers to be published and offered to buyers is called the Run Date.  Vouchers shall be activated, meaning able to be utilised for use for purchases with the merchant according to the Voucher conditions as prescribed in the Conditions, only when the specific Volume Threshold of the buyer has been met.  At that time, Global Market eCommerce will send the voucher to the buyer.  As soon as the Voucher is activated and sent to the buyer, the merchant will be fully responsible for all customer services relating to the Voucher and for supplying all goods and services stated in the Voucher.  Global Market eCommerce has the right to proceed, but is not obligated, to reject, vet, or cease the publication of any Voucher and request the merchant to modify for any reason, including, without limitation, for adapting the Voucher to Global Market eCommerce specifications or the law.

7.8  Licence.  The merchant gives the non-exclusive rights and rights to use, reissue, display, distribute and transfer the merchant’s name, logo and any trademark and any picture, graphic, artwork, text and other contents provided or specified by the merchant relating to the marketing, promotion, sale or distribution of Vouchers, in any and all media or formats where the Vouchers are marketed, delivered, sold, or distributed, including but not limited to Global Market eCommerce.



8.1  If there is an advertisement from the merchant that is considered to be not in accordance with the terms and conditions shown, Global Market eCommerce has the right to terminate the advertisement.  We will also not be responsible for delay, damage, loss, cost increase or any unwanted situation occurring. Global Market eCommerce will only return funds prorated according to the remaining duration of agreement.



9.1  The merchant shall deliver products or services to buyers within 1-14 working days.  Global Market eCommerce will take action against delays as this will tarnish the image of Global Market eCommerce and also other merchants.

9.2  As such, we suggest for advertised products or services to have sales limits for easy control.

9.3  The merchant shall fulfil any voucher used by a buyer, failing which, the merchant shall return the value of money to the buyer.  This is only applicable so long as the voucher has not expired.  If the buyer fails to use the voucher before expiry, the merchant is not required to bear the said cost.



10.1                 Global Market eCommerce advises merchants of goods or services of high value or importance to buyers, to procure shipping insurance.  We will display shipping insurance information.  We will display the said insurance information in our advertising.

10.2                 Global Market eCommerce will not be responsible for any damage in distribution or defect etc. which occurs to the product and causes an accident or death while obtaining services.  Merchants or buyers cannot request for compensation from Global Market eCommerce.



11.1                 If the merchant fails to deliver a product or service to a buyer despite the buyer having made payment, Global Market eCommerce has the right to not give the money to the merchant and return the money to the buyer.



12.1                 The merchant shall conduct business in an organised state to avoid the establishment of incorrect practices which will also have an effect on Global Market eCommerce.



13.1                 All offers from the merchant shall be at the Global Market eCommerce website for an agreed period and may not be removed from the website without the consent of Global Market eCommerce.



14.1                 Global Market eCommerce has the right to change the merchant’s advertisement or determine the duration that the advertisement is at the website, as appropriate.  With the change, the merchant’s agreement with Global Market eCommerce remains in force.  The merchant shall not request for any compensation relating to their agreement.



15.1                 Global Market eCommerce will not bear any loss or damage of the merchant whether direct or indirect relating to the termination, suspension or reduction of offer caused by war, military, statutory or public authority municipalities, fire, flood, storm, inclement weather, earthquake, riot, strike, public disturbance, and industrial action by workers.

10.2                 If the offer is cancelled, suspended or reduced, monies paid or any part thereof may be refunded at the sole discretion of Global Market eCommerce.  This will not prejudice the right of Global Market eCommerce to appropriate the total amount or any part thereof to defray administration and/or other expenses.



16.1                 It is with the agreement of the merchant that the merchant will bear all legal costs and expenses that will be borne by Global Market eCommerce in the event legal action is taken against the merchant, resulting in action also being taken against Global Market eCommerce.



17.1                 The merchant’s agreement is accepted and will continue with the strict compliance of these terms and conditions.  Global Market eCommerce shall have the right to reject, issue or terminate any offer wholly or partly from any merchant or his representative, before or during the duration of the offer.  Global Market eCommerce shall not be responsible for any damage or loss if an offer or merchant is removed in the event of breach of these conditions due to any stated reason whatsoever, and no reimbursement will be made.